From Biotech to Beauty: we have stepped in.

Us, a team of engineers, formula-makers and beauty experts, we have created a makeup lab within a Biotech Lab to create an innovative makeup range, at once long lasting, sustainable and highly natural.

Because nature is a source of infinite possibilities, it is our raw material. We have transformed it into a strong molecule, essential to long wear makeup, and broken away from petrochemistry thanks to our progress in biotechnology.

A sustainable makeup that lives up to expectations in terms of performance and quality, and makes respectful use of nature because we are determined to give back what we are taking.


Intense colors that last, and finally natural-based. Really? Really!

Lasting power is one of the first criteria when choosing makeup. It is mainly produced by a molecule that had always been derived from petroleum, isododecane. It was difficult for your waterproof mascara or 24h wear lipstick to be “really” natural… until now.

By leveraging science for the purpose of beauty, our researchers were able to successfully recreate this molecule from 100% natural renewable resources, with the same properties and performance.

For the first time, your mascara, eyeshadow or lipstick will be able to combine a 24h lasting power and a natural-based product with hyper-sensory tDxtures and bright colors.

Our long lasting makeup brand is sustainable and we are making every effort to make our products as respectful to society and nature as we can.

Welcome to the new era of LAST makeup.


We heard colors seem to fade. Not ours.

Our products are a celebration of colors. All colors. And whether they are expressive, pop or basic, our colors last. 

It is actually what makes LAST unique and what makes it live up to expectations: vibrant colors, transfer-free and 24h long wear that holds up through anything… in one word, LIFEPROOF*.

To get vibrant and bright colors, each hue of the LAST range was created with the technical expertise and creativity of our makeup artist and has an exact measurement of pigments and pearl powder, both from natural and synthetic sources.

Our long lasting makeup brand is high in pigments. Zero adjustments are needed during the day. With LAST, keep your makeup all night long.

*Ready to face the challenges of everyday life


LAST is also a mindset, and almost a movement.

A movement for all those who want to be heard loud and clear, who want to be seen, who speak out, who are daring and enjoy it.

For those who like to play with the rules and make new and even better ones.

For those who believe that all fields can contribute to a sustainable and more environmentally conscious world.

Join the movement!